The New Age of Sleep Disorders, A Serious Problems…

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In this day and age it is not a secret that adults and children are subjects to all kind of external stimuli, life habit or work obligation that disturb their sleep patterns and the quality of their sleep.

In a report from the World Association of Sleep Medicine 45{7480a6eb27a575b017a99ee38072ae5cc37058d01f947955a98f78b14da0909c} of the World’s population suffers from Sleep disorders like Apnea, Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation

Some people can develop more serious chronic sleep problems that can have extremely serious negative effect on their health. Stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other serious medical and even mental conditions are known to accompanied sleep deprivation.

At the Montreal Neurotherapy Center, we treat Sleep Disorders for a long time. Our multifaceted and personalized approach to your specific problem and the used of the latest proven technology for assessment and treatment permit us to provide you with the best tools for your recovery without using the habitual drugs prescribe by most physicians.


As always, we use a multilayered approach that view your actual physical and mental state. This can be followed by an in-depth assessment of your sleep activity with our range of ambulatory Actigraphy devices (watches) that monitor and register and collect all the data on your personal circadian rhythm and even daytime activity.

After, our team of physicians, psychologist, neurologist will build, for you a personalized program to tackle your specifics challenges.


Some of the most effective tool we are using are the non-invasive, no side-effects Neurofeedback Therapy that are proven to have long lasting effect.

With Neurofeedback training you learn how to control your brain activity towards healthier patterns concerning your sleep.

We also use heliotherapy also name phototherapy or light therapy known to be an efficient way to regularize a defective circadian rhythm. We can also put to your disposition a fantastic ambulatory tool name Re-timer™ that deliver 100{7480a6eb27a575b017a99ee38072ae5cc37058d01f947955a98f78b14da0909c} UV-free daylight that you can wear like a pair of glasses that can reset your body clock.

No more sleepless nights!