Dr. Sylvain DesforgesOsteopath

    Dr. Sylvain Desforges is a U.S. trained chiropractor offering a combination of high technology treatments and techniques so unique that patients from as far as Europe, Africa and the Middle East come to consult him. In this regard, he wants to keep providing his patients with evidence-based therapies. Moreover, when he is not in his clinics, he is always looking for new methods of treating chronic pain in order to offer the most innovative treatments to his patients.

    Additionally, Dr. Desforges chiropractor is the CEO and president of Clinique TAG, an innovative facility that brings the benefits of spinal decompression, laser and shockwave therapy into chiropractic care. In using this high technology and scientifically structured approach to chiropractic care, he has been a pioneer in his field of work for the past 30 years.