Dr. Lamarre, MD, FRCPCDoctor Psychiatrist

    Suzanne Lamarre, MD, FRCPC, DLFAPA presented and wrote a lot about protectionism in families and now she’s been discovering since 2013 the work of a psychologist, inspired by the systemic like her, Richard Schwartz who conceptualized, for his on the other hand, protectionism in the internal psycho dynamic functioning of its patients. She has integrated these two aspects in a suicidal approach.

    She is now in private practice for systemic consultations with patients with a psychiatric diagnosis as part of the RAMQ after practicing for 23 years at SMHC, an affiliated hospital at McGill University, where she was head of the Department of Psychiatry during eight years.

    She continues to co-host mediation sessions at the Montreal Institute of Applied Minds for referrals from a health professional for a variety of functional issues related to their mental health.

    She is also leading a group for patients who wish to share about their recovery process.