Maxime MazaltarimMassage Therapist

    Maxime Mazaltarim is a Professional Exercise Trainer that has practiced as a teacher specialized in physical education in schools recognized by the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

    His practice is based on a long experience in Martial Arts, Yoga (Yantra & Hatha), and Dynamic Energizing Movements.

    Internationally recognized as a leader in the field, Maxime has become a Master and has dedicated many years to training other professionals in Yoga, Martial Arts, and Soto Zen Meditation.

    He has joined the Montreal Neurofeedback Center team in 2007, where he worked with vestibular patients using the Brainport and the PoNS devices.

    He was also implicated in the treatment of patients with neurological diseases such as; traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

    Because of his knowledge in balance and coordination, Maxime has developed the art of combining basic physiotherapy exercises in order to help patients regain the fluidity and harmony in their movements while improving muscle tone.