Dr. Katéri Champagne MD, FRCPC MScSpecialist in Internal Medicine, Pneumology Epidemiology

    Specialist in Internal Medicine, Pneumology Epidemiology.

    American Board of Sleep Medecine Graduate.

    Dr. Champagne has been a specialist in pneumology since 1994 (Laval University). She completed two years of training in Sleep Medicine (McMaster University) and then a master’s degree in Epidemiology (McGill University). Her thesis demonstrated the link between obstructive sleep apnea and pregnancy hypertension (Pre-eclampsia). Her research focuses on obstructive sleep apnea in different populations including renal failure, pregnant women; on adherence to positive pressure therapy. She is involved in the training of family doctors, specialists and residents in sleep medicine, as well as the dissemination of information on sleep medicine to the public. She has been practicing sleep medicine full-time since 2000 and is affiliated with McGill University. She has been practicing at the Institute of Sleep Medicine since 2007.