Dr. Justine Lalonde MD, FRCPCPsychiatrist

    Dr. Justine Lalonde, MD, MBA, is originally from Montréal, obtained her doctor in medicine from the
    University of Toronto and did her specialty training in psychiatry at Harvard where she started her
    career in clinical research and practice. After obtaining an MBA from Harvard, she pursued a
    professional career in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland, France, Canada and the United
    States. Back in Montréal in 2016, Dr. Lalonde offered her consultant services to companies who
    conduct psychiatric research.

    Certified in psychiatry in Canada in 2019, she started clinical practice at Telus Health. Her approach
    is holistic, meaning she evaluates the Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit connections to better get at the
    source of symptoms. Her recommendations include lab tests, nutritional and supplement
    suggestions, healthy life habits, sleep, psychotherapy and alternative medical approaches. She is
    also interested in therapeutic approaches that enhance brain neuroplasticity such as Transcranial
    Magnetic Stimulation and treatment with ketamine and psilocybin.