Imene KochbatiNeuropsychologist & Psychologist

    Imene Kochbati has been a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec (OPQ) since 2023. She also holds an attestation from the Ordre des psychologues for the evaluation of neuropsychological disorders.

    Imene holds a diploma in psychology specializing in neuropsychology. She obtained her master’s degree in neuropsychology and clinical neuroscience in France in 2020 (clinical and research profile).

    During her training, she completed internships with adults in a variety of settings, broadening her scope of expertise to include pathologies such as stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. She completed her final internship at the Montreal General Hospital, Trauma Department. She then completed her internship in Quebec City, specializing in the assessment and management of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

    Target clientele: children aged 6 to 12

    Targeted problems:
    – Attention deficit disorder with/without hyperactivity/impulsivity (ADHD)
    – Specific learning disorders in reading (dyslexia), mathematics (dyscalculia) and spelling (dysgraphia).
    – High intellectual potential (HPI) and double exceptionality.
    – Coordination development disorders (dyspraxia).