We believe everyone suffering from a brain condition should have the opportunity to maximize their potential and quality of life.

About PoNS™ Treatment

PoNS Treatment™ is an intensive, customized, state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation plan. Built on science and research, PoNS Treatment™ has been shown to help people with chronic balance deficit caused by mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI).

This treatment was shown in a 26-week clinical trial to restore balance to the normal range for a majority of study participants. For most participants, this balance improvement persisted during a predefined 12-week follow-up period after discontinuation of treatment, suggesting retention of the treatment effect.

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Heuro’s Approach

The Heuro Program is an intensive, state-of-the-art 14-week neurological rehabilitation plan featuring the PoNS Treatment. Built on science and research, our approach is proven to help transform the lives of people with gait and balance issues caused by mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries.

Through the program’s 14 weeks, treatment enables the brain’s own ability to change — transforming your life. By pairing innovative medical devices with physiotherapy, the Heuro Program can help you assess, transform, and maximize your potential.

Comprehensive assessments using innovative neurotechnology


All decisions related to your care are evidence-based, with each step of the program supported by a team focused on ensuring the treatment is as successful as possible.

Unique, non-invasive treatment provided by the PoNS™ ® Device


PoNS™ Treatment, comprised of using the device in conjunction with physical therapy, has been proven to improve chronic balance deficits in patients who have mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

Triad of Care

Our model of care is composed of three essential elements: non-invasive and innovative medical devices, physical therapy, and a personalized care team supporting our patients along each step of the way. The Heuro Program is constantly evaluated and fine-tuned to ensure we offer the most up-to-date treatments possible.

What is neuroplasticity?

In essence, neuroplasticity is the brain’s incredible ability to change. Over your lifetime, your brain will constantly be reorganizing itself to form new neural connections in response to your changing needs. The Heuro Program uses innovative approaches to leverage this important healing process.


Injury or disease can disrupt the connections in your brain, causing damage that requires treatment. By supporting the brain’s ability to rebuild connections through the Heuro Program, it is possible for a brain to compensate for the damage caused by injury or disease. While this process typically happens over a long period of time, it may be accelerated by neuromodulation techniques that utilize non-invasive brain stimulation such as that provided by PoNS™ Treatment.


Who will benefit from the Heuro Program and the PoNS™ Treatment?

The PoNS™ device has been cleared by Health Canada for treatment of chronic balance deficit due to mild to moderate brain injury and used in conjunction with physical therapy.

People who have a chronic balance deficit caused by mild to moderate traumatic brain injury who can perform physical therapy are the ideal candidates for treatment.

As the PoNS™ device has only been qualified by Health Canada for the above use, if the PoNS™ treatment is to be used in any other situation it should be considered off-label and a qualified health care professional will need to evaluate the risks and benefits of such use.

How do I get started with the Heuro Program featuring the PoNS™ Treatment?


Talk to your doctor to be referred for treatment.
Download the physician referral form here.
Download the Medical Information Request Form here.



Contact a Heuro Treatment Clinic near you and set up a 15-minute consultation.



Visit the clinic to start the treatment.



Thousands of Canadians suffer from persistent symptoms from a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (mTBI). These symptoms have a significant impact on their quality of life, their ability to do their job and on the lives of their family and loved ones.

Recent mTBI clinical trial data (one five week and one 14 week treatment trial) has demonstrated that a program of physical therapy in conjunction with PoNS™ Treatment helped a majority of patients restore their balance to within the normal range for their sex and age.

On average, this balance improvement persisted during a predetermined 12-week follow-up period after discontinuation of treatment suggesting a permanent positive change to the balance deficit. The improvements experienced were significantly greater than previously documented in literature for physical therapy alone.

Treatment Financing

Financing is available to help you access the Heuro™ Program and improve affordability of the program cost. Contact a clinic to explore treatment options and cost.

Highlights of the Heuro Program featuring the PoNS™ Treatment are:

Intensive. This 14-week treatment program features one-on-one 90-minute physical therapy sessions with a certified PoNS™ Trainer.

Evidence-based. The Program is driven by published science and research with data demonstrating powerful outcomes.

Comprehensive. The Heuro Assessment System documents and quantifies progress using 15 measures spanning the cognitive, physical and functional domains.

Exclusive. The program is the first of its kind in the world and is available only with proper training and certification and only in Canada.

Accessible. Our Client Access Program provides financing options to improve the affordability of the program cost. We are continually improving access by working with government, public and private insurers and employer’s insurance programs to make the program the standard of care.

What makes the Heuro Program different?

Heuro’s unique programs use cutting-edge devices and treatments to help maximize your potential. They are designed to be transformative, and each client has a personalized care team to ensure the treatment is as successful as possible. All care decisions are evidence-based (backed by science and research), and individualized support is offered to you throughout the program.

Who is this program right for?


The Heuro Program featuring the PoNS Treatment is right for people who are experiencing persistent deficits, particularly gait and balance, from past mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries.

How long is PoNS™ Treatment?

PoNS™ Treatment is a 14-week program that takes place in person at a Heuro clinic location.

For the first 2 weeks of the program, clients will have daily appointments in the clinic. The following 12 weeks require one clinic visit a week as well as additional in-clinic assessment appointments. Other parts of the program can be completed at home.

Heuro is continually evaluating and improving the Heuro Program and treatments. The initial deployment of the PoNS™ Treatment is 14- weeks long. Heuro will continue to work with scientific experts to evaluate different modalities as the Program is implemented across Canada.

Is Financing Available?


Yes, financing is available. Work with your chosen Heuro Clinic to explore financing options.


PoNS™ Treatment Mechanism of Action

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