What is HEG Neurofeedback and How Can It Help Migraines?


HEG Neurofeedback (Hemoencephalography) involves placing an infrared sensor on the middle of the forehead. The sensor gives a reading of the blood flow in your brain in the frontal lobe of your brain. A week blood flow in the frontal lobe is associated with lower oxygen level deliver to the brain resulting in persistent migraines.

HEG Training Sessions:

  • Typical Session duration can vary from 45 minutes to an Hour, depending on the patient.
  • 2-3 times weekly in frequency show the best benefits
  • Can be as long as few months to a year

All treatments plans are individualized at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center. The Goal of each HEG training session is to help the Patient train his or her brain to conscientiously elevate the blood flow in the frontal lobe to increase the amount of oxygen in the frontal lobe using the live signals generated by the HEG Sensors.