What are the risk factors that can triggers anxiety disorders?


When you are exposed to repetitive Stress and Anxiety for long period of time you can develop serious health issues.

Even if stress and anxiety are an absolutely normal response of the mind and body to many type of unusual experience or situations, some people can develop acute anxiety disorders. Theses disorders can turn in extreme phobias and out of control fears and unwanted comportment or feeling. Being subject to long period of anxiety can damage your relation with others, influx on your work and your own life, psychologically and even open on a really serious cortege of mental and physical illness.

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you may suffer of an anxiety disorder:

  • Are you feeling stressed and anxious most of the time or at close interval
  • Your sleep pattern are constantly affected by anxious thought and feeling
  • You are overcome by irrational fears & sudden panic attack
  • Multiple, close anxiety episodes leave you with cramps or muscle pain and tightness
  • You constantly have digestive problems within or outside anxiety episodes intervals
  • Abnormally Intense stage frights and/or social phobia
  • You are insecure and self-conscious in everyday conversation or for no reason (Blushing, hot & cold flash, trembling…)
  • Flashback of difficult or traumatic moment of your life where you feel vulnerable, uncomfortable or scared

All these situations are clues that you may be experiencing a level of stress potentially harmful to your health. Please, consult your doctor or a specialist (Like Us!) right away!