How long will it take to get better?


To maximized the effectiveness of the treatment, participants must be capable of committing to our program’s 20-week cycle and be willing to have their significant others or caregivers participate as active partners in the rehabilitation process. TBIs tend to heal slowly. In mild cases, symptoms may persist for weeks or months.

Every patient react differently to His/Her personalized treatment and the length and degree of success can vary. Be sure that the Montreal Neurotherapy Center goal is to provide You with the latest proven technology & science available. Our vast experience in Concussion / TBI and Our Highly Qualified and multi-disciplinary Staff & Partners have only Your recovery at Heart.

You Can be an Important Participant to Your Own Recovery !

Some Tips to help Yourself actively participate:

  • Plenty of Sleep & Rest are primordial
  • Rest Your brain daily
  • Do not participate in high speed, dangerous & demanding physical activity (To avoid another Head Trauma…)
  • Eat well, drink good water, Take Good Care of Yourself
  • Alcohol & Recreative Drugs should not be used
  • Call Us or You Doctor if You have any strange physical or behavioral anomalies
  • Avoid Stressful and Highly demanding situation
  • Avoid noisy and high output & pulsing light