How does Neurotherapy can help my sleep problem?


Neurofeedback helps you to restore your natural sleep rhythms. Neurofeedback training help You to tap in ability of the brain to be conscientiously control. You will learn to activate the smooth transition of the central nervous system from activation to rest naturally. Several studies have demonstrated how Neurofeedback can be used to improve sleep quality.

How does it work?
Training brain patterns using neurofeedback to decrease or increase brainwave activity appears to help the brain normalize sleep.

What else is offered, concerning Sleep, at Neurotherapy Montreal?
We also used Light therapy (or phototherapy). Phototherapy involves exposure to specific wavelengths of light for a prescribed amount of time at a specific time of day.

Our Special device, Re-Timer naturally helps you adjust back to your preferred sleep time. Thirty minutes of Re-Timer in the morning will assist you in falling asleep earlier.