Chronic Pain

One in five Canadian adults suffer from chronic pain.
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At The Montreal Neurotherapy Center, our objective is to train you to balance your brain and body to achieve optimal functioning and health by delivering evidence-based therapies individualized to every patient.

Our Approach

All pain occurs in the brain. There are many forms of chronic pain: chronic low back pain, chronic headaches (such as migraine headache and chronic daily headache), fibromyalgia, myofascial pain disorders and other disorders of muscles and joints. One way to deal with the self-reinforcing cycle of chronic pain is to redefine the way the brain interprets nerve impulses and allows its sensitivity to return to normal levels.

By training you to regulate your brain waves, your brain is rewarded and learns to direct itself towards a more desirable level of functioning. Through Neurofeedback training you can learn to increase brain functioning, such as memory, emotion regulation, and learning. Conversely, you can also decrease unwanted side effects of imbalances in the brain such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and addictive behaviors.

At The Montreal Neurotherapy Center, we use respiratory feedback, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training, Skin Conductance (SC), finger temperature and surface Electromyography (EMG) protocols. These protocols help to train your body back to balance, increase positive coping and increase your ability to handle the demands of your everyday life, while at the same time decrease your pain and suffering.

Assessment & Diagnosis

We begin with an extensive assessment which includes:

  • Clinical interview, psychological and physical symptom questionnaires.
  • Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG).
  • Psycho-Physiological Stress Profile.
  • Neuropsychological testing.

QEEG is a non-invasive test that measures electrical impulses from your brain. We use this information to understand your brain functioning and symptomatology, and to diagnose and create individualized treatment plans. The procedure is done without any medication and is completely painless. With the information from the QEEG, we know exactly which position on your scalp needs to be increased or decreased for improved functioning.

During the Physiological Stress Profile (PSP) your heart rate, respiration, muscle contractions, finger temperature and skin conductance are measured during rest, stress, recovery and during paced breathing periods. This tests shows us how your body is functioning and what types of interventions will be helpful to decrease symptoms and increase health and well-being.

How do we treat Pain

Clinical outcome studies indicate that Neurofeedback or EEG (brain wave) Biofeedback can be used to break the cycle and lead to a decrease or in, some cases, total elimination of chronic pain.

PainX™ tDCS System is a non-invasive medical device used at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center that stimulates the brain via an electrode on the hair. It is a safe and effective in-office treatment for fibromyalgia or migraine.

It is now available in Canada as an in-office treatment.

The therapy works by delivering a low intensity electrical current to part of the brain responsible for abnormal pain sensation. The treatment is non-surgical and drug free. For patients this means less complications and less risk. If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia or Migraine you may benefit from this new technology.

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