Alzheimer’s Disease

Let’s Talk About It!


Early Alzheimer’s disease and its forerunners, MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and SCI (subjective cognitive impairment) should be tested for everyone over 45.


Do you have one or two copies
of the ApoE Ɛ4 Gene?

Genetic tests can tell!


Genetic is the predisposition.
NOT the determinant!

Lifestyle matters

Do you know why experts now call Alzheimer’s type 3 diabetes?

Did You Know?

The statistics are sobering.


Over 5 million Americans and 750,000 Canadians have Alzheimer’s disease. Females outnumber males 2:1 and the number of new cases is expected to rise exponentially by 2050.

For most Alzheimer’s specialists the disease is caused by a buildup of amyloid plaque, and another protein (Tau), which interfers with the functioning of the neurons.

Because  amyloid, (and tau protein), is seen as the major pathology present in AD,

The goal of actual treatments consist in giving a a drug to remove the plaque.

But so far, there have been more failures than successes. Several companies are investigating drugs that target beta-amyloid, the protein considered by many to be the main culprit in Alzheimer’s not even making it out of the testing phase for 96% of them.

Of 244 AD drugs tested between 2000 and 2010, only one was approved

If you have Alzheimer’s disease you know that you have been labeled with an almost universally fatal disease.If you are treated with drugs Acording to reseach you will delay entry in a nursing home for 3 to 5 months…

if you have one copy of ApoE Ɛ4, you have an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease over someone who has zero copies; and if you have two copies, of course that’s increased further and it’s very likely that you will develop it during your lifetime.

Fortunately, entirely new thinking about dementia is emerging from the field of functional medicine. Based on recognition that the disease process contribubors may include  chronic inflammation, diabetes, and obesity; gluten sensitivity; leaky gut; refined carbs; trans fats; chronic emotional stress; lack of exercise; nutrient-depleted diets; sleep problems; microbiome dysregulation;smoking; dental infections; exposure to environmental toxins; mycotoxins; infection with Borrellia (Lyme), Herpes, Babesia, and other common chronic infections.

We Identify The Subtypes And Source Of Your Cognitive Decline

The Bredesen Re CODE ® Protocol
A Giant Step Forward for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline


Today , there is a new and proven approach to treating those with Alzheimer’s disease. Developed by Dale E. Bredesen, MD, – known as the Bredesen Protocol TM– after thirty years of research on Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr. Dale Bredesen, co-founder of MPI Cognition, is an internationally-recognized expert in aging and neurodegenerative diseases. He earned his MD at Duke University, served as Chief Resident in Neurology at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner’s lab at UCSF, held faculty positions at UCSF, UCSD and UCLA, and was the founding President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. He has authored the book The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.


Protocol is designed to the Reversal Of Cognitive Decline in patients with early Alzheimer’s disease and its precursors, MCI and SCI.Over 450 medical practitioners help prevent Alzheimer’s using his Bredesen Protocol.Mayo Clinic, Cleveland and many other prestigious centers are showing interest.

The Memory Loss Recovery Program

Our unique programm utilizes the tools of The Functional Medicine Matrix, advanced laboratory testing, Diet and supplements, Cutting-edge Technology for cognitive remediation, non invasive neurostimulation, Physical therapy, ocupational therapy and a team of specialists to guide you on your journey.

We Identifies the root causes of your illness:
· Identification of specific nutrient markers, antioxidant, inflammatory messengers, hormones, and signs of toxin exposure.

· Full Neuropsychological assessment.

· Physical and fonctionnal asssessment.

· 3D Brain imaging with volumetrics and qEEG.

Our program is only 6 months, and will give you the foundation for better health for the rest of your life .


Most patients treated scored higher in their Cognitive Assessment tests.


Patients experienced improvement on their MSQ (Medical Symptoms Questionnaire). AVG decrease of 40%.


You can successfully reverse cognitive decline without the use of experimental medications.

This Is How You Will Improve



Nutrition and


You will meet with our registered nutricionist for your initial consultation and diet recommendations

and meet for follow ups.




You will have a personalized cognitive brain training to stimulate, train, and rehabilitate the main

cognitive skills (perception, attention, memory, reasoning, etc.) and the components that make them up.



You will receive non invasive Brain stimulation sessions to modulate cortical excitability and

inducing lasting effects


Physical Training

You will attend Physical activity classes to nourishes the cells with nutrients and oxygen

and to reduce stress and improve your mood.



You will have ongoing consultations with a trained Alzheimer’s/dementia coach to  discover;

define, and move towards your desired goals and track progress

Behind The Bredesen Protocol™

Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD

The Alzheimer’s Protocol Tool Box

How Do We Do It?


Full Neuropsychologic Assessment

Most advanced laboratory testing

Functionnal assessment

Medical assessement

Physical Evaluation

Brain Imaging


Nutrition and supplements

Stress management

Cognitive training

Physical training




Monitor Lifestyle Factors

Optimize Your Diet

Optimize Neuroplasticity

Mend Your Mitochondria

Avoid Toxic Expansion

Control Inflammation


I’m a Neurotherapist,
Edith Sisak, Re CODE ® Protocol Certified Practitioner


Edith holds a degree in neurology from the University of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania. She acquired Competence in clinical neurophysiology (EEG, EMG and evoked potentials). She has been in charge of the Neurology Day Care Organization at St. George Regional Hospital and the Organization of Interdisciplinary Services for the Department of Neurology at St. George Regional Hospital.

Edith has been trained in neurophysiology at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, USA. She did a Fellowship in Neurophysiology at Sackler University, Tel Aviv, Israel and a Fellowship in Neurophysiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary.

A neuropsychological evaluation can be seen as a process that provides specific insights into a person’s mental and related functional statuses. This type of assessment leads to recommendations to improve functional efficiency including implications for psychotherapeutic goals

Our program is only 6 months, and will give you the foundation for better health for the rest of your life .

Multifunctional Assessment

Two out of every ten pacients we see have been incorrectly diagnosed with chronic illness.
We use advanced testing, genomics, neuro imaging, neuropsychologist testing for the acurate diagnosis.

1 / Conprehensive Neuropsychological Testing

We will conduct an in-depth assessment of skills and abilities linked to brain function. The evaluation measures such areas as attention, problem solving, memory, language, I.Q., visual-spatial skills, academic skills, and social-emotional functioning.

2 / Medical

A comprehensive review of your symptoms, your history, your neurological examination, and any testing that has been done up to this point. So many patients we see have been given the wrong diagnosis! We use precision medicine laboratory testing .We may include MRI with 3D Volumetric Analysis, Positron Emission Tomography, EEG and biomarker identification and quantification.

3 / Lifestyle and Functional Assessment

A registered Occupational therapist will help patients live life to its fullest by adapting the environment and focusing on what they can do to maximize engagement in activity (occupation), promote safety, and enhance quality of life. It is essential to help clinicians and caregivers make decisions regarding the choice of suitable interventions and to monitor disease progression.

The Bredesen Re CODE ® Protocol
A Giant Step Forward for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline

PRE-VISIT: Free Conference Call With A Senior Team Member

We collect a brief history of the problem that your chief concern.

We discuss your medical record records if any

We explain additional testing/evaluation needed

We explain the content of the program

We explain the costs

The Re CODE 6 Months Program

Total Of 112 In Clinic Hours

Day 1

You will meet a Bredesen protocol specialist to explain the program and do a cognitive assessment. Duration 2h

Day 4

The Physician review your MRI and lab results and discuss medical outcomes and plan for nutraceutical regimen correct nutrients, oxidative stress markers, and inflammation. Duration: 1 hour

Day 2

You will meet with a physician for your: • Medical history • Neurological physical examination • Functional medicine timeline and matrix. We will draw half of the laboratories on this day. Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Months 1 to 6

You will come twice a week to have cognitive training and Physical exercise. *Telemedicine Visit As Needed Duration: 2 hours (48 hours for 6 months)

You will meet with The Dietetician once a month. *Telemedicine Visit As Needed Duration: 1 hour (6 hours for 6 months)

Day 3

• The second half of laboratory tests are drawn (including fasting labs). • You will meet a specialist for the Cognitive testing results and have your first Cognitive training session. • You will also meet with our registered dietitian for your initial nutrition consultation and diet recommendations. • An occupational therapist will evaluate your functional capacities. Duration: 4 hours

Months 2 / 4 / 6

You will meet with the physician to track progress your in the program, including nutrition, movement, sleep quality, stress resilience practice, nutraceuticals, cognition.He will update your program regimen if necessary.     Duration: 45 minutes (3 hours for 6 months)

The Re CODE ® Program

The Complete 6 Months Program For

(116 hours) Total In-Person Clinic Visits with

Physicians, Neuropsychologists, Nutricionists, Physiotherapists, Ocu

pational therapists, exercise trainers

Month 1 - Clinic Visit :Assessments, advanced labs, Neuro

imaging & Training

Month 2 - Clinic Visit: Training

Month 3 – Clinic Visits :Assessments & Training

Month 4 - Clinic Visits: Training

Month 5 – Clinic Visits: Training

Month 6 – Clinic Visits: Assessments & Training

Telemedecine for 6 months

*This program will not be covered under your State

health insurance.

Private insurance may cover some costs

*Financing is Available