See what people say about the Montreal Neurotherapy Center.

  • "I suffer from a t1 t2 collision due to a car accident. I have been working at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center since the summer of 2015 and up to now it has been helping me tremendously. I first went to the Barley Clinic, and I was not successful to keep my body up straight siting down but with the help of Montreal Neurotherapy Center I am now able to stand up on my own with the help of a walker and I am able too even take a few steps. I am very lucky to be able to have the support and help I have at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center and I continue to go there now and I am getting better every day."

    Emmanuel Mavridakis Montreal, Quebec
  • "I have multiple sclerosis and treat my MS with exercise, visualization and meditation believing that neural pathways can be awakened or rerouted. Over the years, I have worked with many different health professionals who have all been helpful. However, I continued to search for therapies that would complement my approach. As a nurse, currently in research at McGill University Health Complex, I have pretty high expectations of other health professionals and I was not disappointed when I began receiving therapy at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center. Using the principles of neuroplasticity as well as extensive research knowledge, the therapy combines tailored physiotherapy, breathing and meditation. This has been instrumental in assisting me with my recovery. Always professional, members of the team are courteous, punctual and always encouraging. I have since recommended Montreal Neurotherapy Center to colleagues and friends alike."

    Teena Maria J.
  • "In the late fall of 2015 I had the opportunity to participate in treatment at the Montreal Neurofeedback Center. I have had MS for many years and was seeking treatment to address significant mobility issues. I found the staff of the Center to be excellent – knowledgable, highly skilled and very supportive. They challenged me to work hard but also were aware when I was reaching my limit. Over the 2.5 weeks of treatment there was significant improvement in my balance, gait and other aspects of mobility. It was a very positive treatment experience for me."

  • "I was diagnosed with severe treatment-resistant depression twenty years ago. I have been undergoing rTMS at the Montreal Neurotherapy Center for the past eleven years, and this treatment is the only one that has provided me the opportunity to have a normal life. Prior to rTMS, I tried every classification of medication, and most therapies, without any relief. The clinic and staff have been absolutely wonderful - knowledgeable, kind, and easy to talk to, easy to be around. They have done everything they could to make the treatment available to me, and assisting me in any way possible. I can only say that this clinic, and the staff, have made my life so much easier, I am truly thankful every day."

    Karine W.