Our Team

The Montreal Neurotherapy Center is proud of its renowned multidisciplinary expert team and consultants.

  • Marcel Mazaltarim, M. Sc.
    Marcel Mazaltarim, M. Sc. Director

    Mr. Mazaltarim has a Master’s degree in Science from New York University.

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  • Dr. Alain Ptito
    Dr. Alain Ptito Neuropsychologist Consultant

    Dr. Alain Ptito is Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University.

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  • Dr. Sophie Stavrinidis
    Dr. Sophie Stavrinidis Cardiologist in functional medicine

    Dr. Sophie Stavrinidis graduated from University of Montreal in 1989 and obtained her Specialist Designations (FRCP) in Internal Medicine in 1994 and as a Cardiologist in 1996 at McGill University.

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  • Dr. Nora Kelner
    Dr. Nora Kelner Neuropsychologist

    Dr. Kelner has practiced professionally abroad as a Clinical Psychologist.

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  • Dr. Théberge
    Dr. Théberge Psychiatrist

    Dr. Josée Théberge is a psychiatrist at the Neurotherapy Montreal Center. 

  • Dr. Benisty
    Dr. Benisty Cardiologist

    Jacques Benisty, MD is a practicing Cardiologist (Heart Specialist) in Boston, MA. Dr. Benisty graduated from University of Sherbrooke Faculty of Medicine in 1989 and has been in practice for 16 years.

  • Dr. Katéri A. Champagne
    Dr. Katéri A. Champagne Medical Director

    Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

    Director of The Sleep Medicine clinic at Neurotherapy Montreal.

  • Philippe Mazaltarim
    Philippe Mazaltarim Director Of Operations

    Philippe works as a Clinician in the treatment of patients using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in the Montreal Neurofeedback Center.

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  • Marcos Rodrigues
    Marcos Rodrigues Physical Rehabilitation

    Marcos Rodrigues is a Physical Therapist with more than 16 years of experience in many aspects of rehabilitation, such as specialized patient care, team coordination, teaching, consulting, and research.

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  • Laura Barreto
    Laura Barreto Kinesiologist

    Specialized in Clinical Exercise Physiology with experience in the field of fitness, health, adapted physical activity, neurorehabilitation and research. Laura is a registered Kinesiologist with La Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec and Exercise Trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

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  • Adrienne Sachs
    Adrienne Sachs Occupational Therapist

    Prior to completing her graduate studies, Adrienne completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology (2013) from Concordia University, where she completed innovative research on pain management as part of her work in the Athletic Therapy and Pain Laboratory.

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  • Luiza Metz
    Luiza Metz Physiotherapist

    Luiza Metz is an internationally trained Physiotherapist from Brazil who is in the process of obtaining her diploma equivalence in Montreal, QC, Canada.

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  • Dr. Soufiane Boucetta
    Dr. Soufiane Boucetta Sleep Lab Manager

    Dr. Soufiane Boucetta is the sleep lab manager at Neurotherapy Montreal. He is an expert in EEG and PSG and he has accumulated more than 15 years of research and clinical experience in the field of sleep medicine.

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  • Maxime Mazaltarim
    Maxime Mazaltarim Professional Exercise Trainer

    Maxime Mazaltarim is a Professional Exercise Trainer that has practiced as a teacher specialized in physical education in schools recognized by the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

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  • Valérie Dussault Dt.P. M.Sc.
    Valérie Dussault Dt.P. M.Sc. Nutritionist/Dietician

    Valérie has been a member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec since 2013.

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  • Emmanuel Comte
    Emmanuel Comte Naturopath

    Emmanuel Comte is a naturopath with more than 10 years of experience that specializes in intestinal health and the gut-brain axis.

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  • Dr. Philippe Estérez
    Dr. Philippe Estérez Family Doctor

    Dr. Estérez completed his medical studies in 1978 at the Université de Montréal with a family medicine internship and began his career as an emergency physician at Maisonneuve-Rosemont University Hospital (HMR).

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  • Edith Sisak
    Edith Sisak Neurotherapist

    Edith holds a degree in neurology from the University of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania. She acquired Competence in clinical neurophysiology (EEG, EMG and evoked potentials)

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  • Dr. Sylvain Desforges
    Dr. Sylvain Desforges Chiropractor

    Dr. Sylvain Desforges chiropractor may have opened up several clinics in the province of Quebec, but patients from all over the world has benefited from his treatments. He wants to provide the community the type of care that is backed by medical and scientific research.

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  • Suzanne Lamarre, MD
    Suzanne Lamarre, MD

    Suzanne Lamarre, MD, FRCPC, DLFAPA presented and wrote a lot about protectionism in families and now she’s been discovering since 2013 the work of a psychologist, inspired by the systemic like her, Richard Schwartz who conceptualized, for his on the other hand, protectionism in the internal psycho dynamic functioning of its patients.

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  • Gabrielle Toupin
    Gabrielle Toupin Neurofeedback Trainer
  • Carolanne Ponton
    Carolanne Ponton Neurofeedback Trainer