Our Team

The Montreal Neurotherapy Center and its interprofessional team of experts and consultants is proud to offer advanced care for its patients and families.

  • Marcel Mazaltarim, M. Sc.
    Marcel Mazaltarim, M. Sc. Director and Founder of the Center
  • Philippe Mazaltarim
    Philippe Mazaltarim Director Of Operations
  • Dr. Gilbert Blaise
    Dr. Gilbert Blaise Medical Director, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Théberge Md, FRCPC
    Dr. Théberge Md, FRCPC Doctor Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Simon Tinawi MD, FRCPC
    Dr. Simon Tinawi MD, FRCPC Physiatrist Doctor
  • Dr. Lamarre, MD, FRCPC
    Dr. Lamarre, MD, FRCPC Doctor Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Chiasson
    Dr. Jean-Pierre Chiasson MD, FASAM, CCSAM, MRO
  • Dr. Monique Desjardins, MD, FRCPC
    Dr. Monique Desjardins, MD, FRCPC Neuro-Psychiatrist Doctor
  • Dr. Philippe Estérez
    Dr. Philippe Estérez Family Doctor
  • Dr. Katéri Champagne MD, FRCPC MSc
    Dr. Katéri Champagne MD, FRCPC MSc Specialist in Internal Medicine, Pneumology Epidemiology
  • Dr. Alain Ptito
    Dr. Alain Ptito Neuropsychologist
  • Dr. Nora Kelner
    Dr. Nora Kelner Neuropsychologist
  • Dr. Sylvain Desforges
    Dr. Sylvain Desforges Chiropractor
  • Dr. Soufiane Boucetta
    Dr. Soufiane Boucetta Electrophysiologist
  • Mihaela Tobos
    Mihaela Tobos Physiotherapist
  • Edith Sisak
    Edith Sisak Neurotherapist & Life Coach
  • Joanne Giatrakas
    Joanne Giatrakas Kinesiologist
  • Luiza Metz
    Luiza Metz Care Coordinator